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Establishment and Development

  • The land office was established on 1st July 1982, it’s situation in No.163, Kengzaiping, Heping Village, Jhuci Township, Chiayi County 604, Taiwan (R.O.C.).  The total staffs in the office is 56 peoples, a technician, twelve survey assistants, three workers amount to 44 peoples. There have three sections in the office and which is handle the following works. 


  • Director  *  Secretary  *  section 1: registration  *  section 2: survey  *  section 3: Land price/Civil Service Ethics office  * Accounting office  *  Personnel office


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    Section Registration

    1.      handle the affairs of land and constructional registration

    2.      Statistic of cadastre, Cadastral store management

    3.      Counting the fees and managing the service counter

    4.      Issue the land register certificate affairs.

    5.      Management of computerize the land office information.

    Section Survey

    1.      Survey and examine of land and constructional affairs.

    2.      Use the land affairs.

    3.      Cadastral map draw and issue affairs.

    4.      To clear the land ownership affairs.

    5.      Management of public land to get, to rent affairs.

    6.      Draw up to use the non-city land.

    Section land price/(ethics office)

    1.      Management of land price affairs.

    2.      General administration affairs.

    Personnel office

    Accounting office

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